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I Francois Kwesi Moh, hereby present the presidential address for the Petrochemical Engineering Students (APCES), KNUST -CHAPTER.

Glory be to God for how far we have come as a fraternity. The Association of Petrochemical Engineering Students (APCES) was founded on a set of values that are embedded in us as students from the very first day we joined the Association and which we must always hold in high esteem and pass on from generation to generation. The Association (APCES), do not only represent Petrochemical Engineering students but also serve as the nucleus for the proposed NATIONAL PETROCHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY.

 With our eyes up high to promote the study of Petrochemical Engineering and its role in the development of the country through seminars, symposia, industrial trips and others, we foster closer relations amongst our members and promote their welfare academically, spiritually, socially and morally.

As an association of the Chemical engineering department of KNUST, we are honoured to have committed lecturers who go the extra mile to ensure our success both academically and in readiness for the outside world as we preserve the standards of our motto, ‘All Around Us’.

On behalf of the team of 2017/18 executives, I congratulate all past executives, alumni and students of this noble association for everyone’s indefatigable efforts to the progress of the association.

To my fellow students, as Ralph Emerson said, “Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there’s no path and leave a trail”. In doing so, I believe that our footprints will become the footsteps for our younger generation, because the task is not to understand the world, but to change the world as Engineers. So let’s be persistent and positive minded not forgetting to exude boldness in all actions and champion your course with great desire and fortitude. This I believe will make all the difference.

I therefore advice that we have confidence in the Petrochemical Engineering program as well as APCES because one day, you will look back and appreciate how far you have come and better understand why you ended up as part of such a great association.

God bless us all…

Thank you.