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Chemical Engineering Students’ Association



 I, Alexander ****hereby declares the presidential address for the Chemical Engineering Students Association.

Chemical Engineering is a broad discipline which grooms students for careers in the process industries that involve the chemical and physical transformation in chemicals, food, plastics, silicate and petroleum refining, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel industries.

About Association

The Chemical Engineering students’ Association (CHEESA) is the legitimate student representative body for Chemical Engineering students in KNUST. It has established itself as one of the best students’ fronts of the Ghana Engineering Students Association (GESA) KNUST since 2009. Its motto, “Local Technology for the industrialization” is as a result of the act of acknowledging the pivotal role of chemical engineering in the development of Ghana and the world as a whole.

Aims and Objectives

It has been able to live toward the achievement of its aims and objectives which have been stipulated in the constitution as follows;

  1. To foster closer relationship amongst its members and to promote their welfare academically, spiritually and morally.
  2. To promote the study of chemical Engineering and its role in the development of the country through seminars, symposia, industrial trips etc.
  3. To promote import substitution of equipment with raw materials.


In view of the aims stated above, the association has been able to work intensely towards achieving them. Several previous administrations have accomplished many great things for the association but we shall highlight on the most recent ones.

  • Chemineer tour

  • *****************************************************************************************************
  • Chemtorship

This is a mentorship programme, specially designed and structured to help the first year students as they are admitted into the university. They are assigned to be taken care of by students from the upper classes. It was a very nice initiative started in 2015/16 academic year which we all are upholding and continuing since it has proved to be very helpful since its commencement.

  • E – library

Another great achievement is the newly created CHEESA e-library. It serves as an online storage for various course materials, which will be needed throughout the four year period. This was created to help students to easily have access to reference learning materials, learning videos, likely examinable questions etc. whenever and wherever.

Current position of the association

The association currently finds itself here, where a website has been created to serve as a medium of link between the student body and the alumni. This platform is to serve the purpose of enhancing communication between the students and the alumni body to enable the two fronts to update themselves with events and opportunities on the opposite sides. With this, the alumni can be easily invited to come and assist students in the form giving talks, scholarships and internship opportunities. The students can also form a link with an industry through an alumnus.


To round it up, there has been many that has been accomplished by the association and it still seeks to do more. Difficult but realistic targets have been set and we are determined to achieve them with the help of God and the support from our Lecturers and the entire members of the association. Continuity will surely reign supremely in our quest to accomplish the set target.


Long live CHEESA!
Long live KNUST!!
Long live GHANA!!!