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Creativity differs from leadership but the convergence of both leads to monumental development. The assembly of great minds forms a portal from which innovations are born. Innovations drive the economy of many a nation.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at KNUST, trains and sharpens the fertile minds of its students to understand the basics concepts of physics, mathematics and chemistry to solve societal problems. The versatility of the impact of the Department is manifested in the programmes under its domain; namely BSc. (Hons.)/MSc/MPhil/PhD in Chemical Engineering and BSc. (Hons.) in Petrochemical Engineering. Graduates from these programmes have expertise that are applicable in all sectors of the country’s economy which include pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, food, research, education just to mention but a few. Many graduates continue to contribute their expertise in many of these fields especially the oil and gas industry which is one of the main pillars of the nation’s economy.

This platform is envisioned to bring together all these great minds under one platform hence the initiation of this website. The birth of this vision dubbed “Chemineers Connect” was enacted for many reasons. Paramount among them are:

  • To connect all alumni from the Chemical Engineering Department, KNUST all over the world reaching out to all.
  • To create mentors and mentees; thus bringing all alumni home to impact on the younger cohorts
  • To harness great minds to work on projects for the need of the Chemical Engineering Department, KNUST and Ghana at large.

I deem it a great pleasure to enact this facility in the Department that connects all alumni and students together in the spirit of belonging to one big family of Chemineers. I encourage all and sundry to participate and enrich this platform to connect to your classmates, friends and lecturers. To all students, I advise you to utilise the platform for its intended purpose of connecting to the alumni and embracing mentors to develop yourselves.

To all out there, this platform will introduce you to the wonderful family of Chemineers. You are most welcome to join.

On this note, I say ‘Akwaaba’ to all alumni, students and stakeholders.

Welcome home!!!!!

Note: This platform is the initiative of Dr. Lawrence Darkwah, immediate past Head of Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. He developed this concept which was designed and built by his able Teaching and Research Assistant, Mr. Samuel Saabome