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The undergraduate programme BSc. Chemical Engineering is a four (4) year programme in the University campus.

Course Structure

In the first years, students are introduced to the basics of engineering and revise all concepts related to the programme. Students undertake courses such as; Physics, chemistry, Technical Drawing, IT and Mathematics.

Students advanced to acquiring basic chemical engineering principles. This build the foundation of the chemical engineering programme. Courses such as; Thermodynamics, Mathematics, Drawing for Engineers, MATLAB.

Students get to begin apply the chemical engineering principles learnt in their first and second years. Students undertake a Process Development third year project which they are require to produce

Students specialise in an area of the discipline and undertake a final year design project under the supervision of a Lecturer more inclined in the subject area of the project. Examples of final year include: Plant design for the production of bio-ethanol from cashew apple, Plant design for the utilisation of waste from cassava processing stream. And many others.